ETAA Junior Show Field Day

Saturday, June 10, 2023 at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.

Again this year there will be a fitting competition!  Great time to work on those skills! See the Guidelines below.
As always lunch will be served.
We hope to see you there for a great fun filled day!

Please have entries returned no later than Monday, June 5, 2023.
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  • XS - 2XL sizes are available
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East TN Field Day Fitting Competition

Rules and Guidelines for Fitting Competition

Each team will have 4 participants to a chute.

Calves will be washed and ready to go for the competition.

Each team must provide your own fitting equipment. Once the contest begins, no team member may leave the area.

We will start the clock and you will have 15 minutes to gather your supplies you will be using. Combs, Clippers, Water buckets, …

You will have 45 minutes to fit your animal.

Each team member must fit a leg, use clippers, and blower.

The judge will circulate and may question participants during the time you are working on your animal.

When your calf is done you must stand in front of your calf until time is called.

Teams will have to decide who will be showing the animal and who will be answering the questions.